Questions & Answers - Evolution of humanitarian mapping within the OpenStreetMap Community

Disclaimer: This is an archived version of the once interactive session pad with content from conference attendees. Please note that some information was lost during the transformation (i.e. the edit history, user colours, the chat and some formatting).

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  1.  [ANSWERED] How do you determine if a building or a highway is a contribution by HOT Tasking manager? Are there tags at the data like in the changeset comments like #missingmaps or #hotosm? Maybe you said that and I missed this part of information – Susanne SB
  2. [ANSWERED] How did you count mapping vs validation activities? number of users? features? edits? – Serena. Thanks, I agree a tasks is a suitable unit of comparison.
  3. [ANSWERED] The OSHDB framework was created in order to facilitate performing OSM history-based analysis by non-developers, e.g. researchers. Do you have an estimation of how many people are currently using it? – Marco Minghini
  4. [ANSWERED] Has your study show any impact on OSM mapping during the current pandemic? – Serena
    1. this blog post shows a record in mappign on OSM, and TM projects are related - wille
  5. [ANSWERED] Are you aware of studies (or have possibly conducted one yourself) investigating possible differences regarding mapping behaviours between humanitarian mappers and ‘ordinary’ mappers also beyond specific actions/tasks? Are HOT mappers mapping different kinds of features in possibly different ways? – René
  6. [ANSWERED] Sort of implied by the numbers/graphs, but not exactly formulated as such. But would you conclude that initiatives like HOT/Missing Maps are successful drivers for mapping participation? – YaguraStation
  7. [ANSWERED] Was this study asked by HOT? if no, did you get their feedback? – Marco Minghini
  8. [ANSWERED] Have you included several Tasking Managers used for humanitarian purposes (like HOT TM Indonesia or Tasking Manager of Les Geographes Libres (francophone movement), or is it only an analysis of one TaskingManager, the principle HOT Tasking Manager?


  •  I like the diagram that puts humanitarian mapping activities in context - nice overview – Serena

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