State of the Map 2020 is taking place online on 4 and 5 July 2020. We have created an exciting program with you—the OpenStreetMap community. For the duration of the conference, we have chat rooms set aside for virtual sponsor booths as well as breakout sessions that can be booked by groups of mutual interest, or used without prior planning.


Time (UTC) Track 1 Track 2
10:00 Opening
SotM Working Group
10:20 Winds of Change in OpenStreetMap
Allan Mustard
10:45 Drones for Community Mapping
4 County OSM Digitization Liberia – Lesson Learned
Tri Selasa
11:30 OSM Routing Evaluation
Yantisa Akhadi
Health Facilities Import
Sowmya Nayani
12:15 Ranks for Rendering
Michael Reichert
Economy, Human, and Policy Impact on Mapping in Public Sector
Asish Abraham Joseph
13:00 Lightning Talks I
SotM Working Group
Building mapping communities in rural Tanzania – challenges, successes and lessons learnt
Janet Chapman
13:45 lunch break
15:00 The Map in 360
Said Turksever
The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa
Geoffrey Kateregga
15:45 Buildings are the new Streets
Danijel Schorlemmer, Felix Delattre
Overwiew on OpenStreetMap Togo Community
Ata Franck Akouete
16:30 Mapcampaigner Redesign: The Data Quality Monitor For OSM
Jorge Martinez
Creating an open data ecosystem for reviews of places and more
Dina Carabas
17:15 There might have been a misunderstanding...
Frederik Ramm
OSM data assessment in the area of Athens - Greece
Stathis G. Arapostathis
18:00 An Incomplete History of Companies and Professionals in OpenStreetMap
Mikel Maron
Turkish Law on National Geospatial Data and Its Implications Regarding OSM and the Community
Can Ünen, Orkut Murat Yılmaz
18:45 dinner break
20:00 Visualizing Gender of Street Names in Brazil
Bernardo Loureiro
Participatory Budgeting & Mapping with citizens and government
Erica Hagen, Lucy Fondo
20:45 Send me a Postcard
Ilya Zverev
Sustainability and OSM for Development
Erica Hagen
21:30 Building Stronger Communities Together - the Local Chapters & Community Working Group
Maggie Cawley
MapImpact: Mapping and social researchs by students in Cusco, Perú
Regina Campos Cc.
22:15 Meet an OpenStreetMapper
Gregory Marler


Time (UTC) Track 1 Track 2
10:00 MAPBEKS: Mapping of HIV Facilities and LGBT spaces in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap
Mikko Tamura
Assessing Global OpenStreetMap building completeness to generate large-scale 3D city models  🎓
Filip Biljecki, Ang Li Min
10:45 OSM Deep Facts in Developing Country: Indonesia case study
Dwi Fanny Wulandari
Measuring OpenStreetMap building footprint completeness using human settlement layers  🎓
Ardie Orden, Pia Faustino, Mark Steve Samson
11:30 Gender Performance in OSM Mapping, Does It Matter?
Zainab Ramadhanis
Towards understanding the quality of OpenStreetMap contributions: Results of an intrinsic quality assessment of data for Mozambique  🎓
Aphiwe Madubedube, Serena Coetzee, Victoria Rautenbach
12:15 Identify map problems in OSM by connectivity check
Evan Hossain
Analyzing the localness of OSM data  🎓
Susanne Schröder-Bergen
13:00 The use of OpenStreetMap within the Italian Alpine Club
Luca Delucchi
From Historical OpenStreetMap data to customized training samples for geospatial machine learning  🎓
Zhaoyan Wu, Hao Li, Alexander Zipf
13:45 lunch break
15:00 How to publish a multi-modal journey app based on OSM with Trufi App
Christoph Hanser
Community mapping a means to building resilience  🎓
Dickson Daniel Chinguwo, Brown Kingsely Mphalo
15:45 Use of OSM data in formalizing informal public transport systems, case of Maputo-Mozambique
Remígio Chilaule
Examining spatial proximity to health care facilities in an informal urban setting  🎓
Godwin Yeboah, João Porto de Albuquerque, Olalekan John Taiwo
16:30 What to do when local citizens do not consent? A discussion on how to navigate difficult field scenarios that involve local communities.
Shamilah Nassozi
Evolution of humanitarian mapping within the OpenStreetMap Community  🎓
Marcel Reinmuth, Benjamin Herfort, Jochen Stier, Alina Klerings
17:15 Rapid Mapping of 50 Communes in Madagascar
Seth Cochran
Detecting informal settlements via topological analysis  🎓
Satej Soman, Cooper Nederhood, Nicholas Marchio, Annie Yang, Anni Beukes, Luis Bettencourt
18:00 Lightning Talks II
SotM Working Group
Curious Cases of Corporations in OpenStreetMap  🎓
Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar
18:45 dinner break
20:00 Pedestrians First
Taylor Reich
Earthquakes and OpenStreetMap
Danijel Schorlemmer
20:45 Trademarks & OSMF
Kathleen Lu
Minutely Extracts: Tools for nimble editing and downloading
Brandon Liu
21:30 OSM Awards
SotM Working Group
21:50 Closing
SotM Working Group