Questions & Answers - The Map in 360

Disclaimer: This is an archived version of the once interactive session pad with content from conference attendees. Please note that some information was lost during the transformation (i.e. the edit history, user colours, the chat and some formatting).

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  • Has your t-shirt arrived on time? :)
    • which t-shirt?
  • What are you most excited about now that Mapillary is part of Facebook?
  • Are there any downsides to being part of Facebook?
  • The community is “afraid” that Mapillary is now part of Facebook :(
  • It is possible to increase the position of the photos using the elements present in the photos? In the sense of creating a photogrammetric approach with the 360 images to create a point cloud.
  • One should mention a problem when armchair mappers use photos without having own knowledge of the place.  You can demotivate local mappers and drive them away from OSM if the armchair mappers use outdated photos.
    • what is the question here?
    • or just a comment?
    • why he does not mention this?
    • it’s remote mapping not armchair..
  • Can we remove our photos now so Facebook can’t have them
    • Facebook could use them before they acquired Mapillary; you granted an open licence
    • this would be a silly thing to do, as you granted an open licence
  • Are there any plans to include point clouds (i.e. Lidar data)?
  • Is there any plan to snap photos to highways (semi)-automatically ?
  • Are the computer vision models you used open-source? Would love to try it out.
  • What are the most comfortable/effective 360 camera setups for hiking (capturing imagery on trails/paths)?
  • How do we invite Mapillary mappers to a country?  I’m thinking of Panamá, where the covering is really poor.
  • Could you provide help to stitch pictures from DIY 360° camera ?

Please feel free to reach me or contact - Said Turksever