Questions & Answers - Sustainability and OSM for Development

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  • [ANSWERED] “Always more to map” - how did you go about defining what is sustainability for data not just communiy?
  • [ANSWERED] “Map or be mapped!” – can you elaborate on this question?
  • [ANSWERED] Do you think the companies working in OSM can be helping local communities map sustainably?
  • Which local companies in Kenya have you worked with?
    • (Anonymous): you may find some examples on Noteably, the page is still loading as I am typing this comment.
      • (thanks that’s in need of repair)
    • And did you have any issues with that?
    • Do you do generic(ish) training to ie delivery companies etc on how OSM can help them?  (that could be replicated in other similar places)?
      • I wish we had, we’ve honestly only recently tried to focus on this realistically. It would be a great project for OSM Kenya to do. (Erica)
  • [ANSWERED] OSM User: Transport for Cairo (TfC), Egypt. Question: We are an example of a consultancy working with and contributing to OSM in a country where there is no OSM community. What is the relevant “authority” so to speak that allows different contributors and stakeholders to work collaboratively in given country/city?
    • Please check out OSM Africa whatsApp group and ask there. You can be added by contacting Geoffrey or me.
  • [ANSWERED] Guy - what impact do you see Covid19 having on the sustainability of OSM mapping? Do you see people returning to OSM after leaving (perhaps stage of life or for economic reasons) coming back to support OSM at some future point?
    • Sorry!!   :) :)
    • Guy - it could be an opportunity or a threat?
      • (Anonymous): If mapping there is a job, it may be a threat (I assume this is not the case, but if it is they already have alternative work).
    • It could be people on furlough in countries like the UK, who are doing the extra mapping?

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