Questions & Answers - Identify map problems in OSM by connectivity check

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Speaker: Evan Hossain ( ) Chair: Lorenzo Stucchi (@LorenzoStucchi)


  1. [DONE] Why do you need a check in _directed_ graph? in my validar I’ve implemented connectivity check using non-directed graph (just ignoring oneway tag), the algorithm to find islands(isolated sub-graphs) becomes much more simple, but results are practically the same  (Kirill aka Zkir)
    1. You do not really need to analyze oriented graph. just analyze connectivity. :)
  2. [DONE] Could you explain wrong direction ? (both way seem connected by the same node)
  3. [DONE] Any opensource code repo?  And How We can adapt in other country?
  4. [DONE] User: Transport for Cairo.  Do wrong directions (opposing directions) cause disconnectivity, thus captured by the algorithm?
  5. [DONE] Are you concentrating solely on the car routing (profile)?  – Stefan K.
  6. Profiles matter IMHO for pedestrian areas / plazas (with bicycle access, unidirectional) which are a special case for routing
  7. [DONE] How we can use his reversed algorith for COVID ?  make a more social distance ?


  1.  Yup, with all those trees and clouds, there are just a few shreds of roads I can map from imagery.
    1. Use LIDAR!
  2. When you are finished with roads, get to work on house address number quality too…
  3. You can contruibue all this to iD editor’s checker!