Questions & Answers - Lightning Talks II

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Divide and map. Now.

  1. Why did you pick Postgres instead of MySQL?
    1.  due to PostGIS extension (a lot can be + by just query) – qeef
      1. Interesting, thank you!


Mapping Historically Black Colleges and Universities in OSM

  1. Has there been historically fewer YouthMapper activities or GIS classes at HBCUs, and is that related to the relatively less detailed maps of these institutions? +1
  2. Have you tried to promote Youthmappers in these colleges?


DDD123-OSM: 2D and 3D render toolchain

  1. contact details to find more info please  – indiebio +1 – Natfoot
    1. @jjmontes on Twitter
    2. jjmontes> (I asked the question, and followed you on twitter - indiebio ), please reach me by email - will do thanks
  2. Will there be an Online-3D Map?
    1. jjmontes> I’ll try to put one up but global coverage seems far.


Tasking Manager 4 Tour

  1. Do users still need to allow third party cookies?
    1. It’s optional to allow cookies. That data is only used to provide us stats about the usage of the tools. We use our own analytics instance, so no data is shared with 3rd parties. - Wille

Uses of Mapping for Community Care During the Pandemic

OpenStreetMap Data Pacific

  1. Shouldn’t take too long to finish mapping a small island. Then, as we have seen in Germany, the government will start using it.

Hikar.js - bringing Hikar to the web

  1. F-Droid Version planned?
    1. The native Android app could go on F-Droid, yes, but what I’ve talked about here is a browser-based app.
  2. I’d be intrested to play with the web app for another location than in Europe and can specify a small location.  – Natfoot
    1. Hi Natfoot, ok great, let me know where you want and I’ll populate the server database with it.
  3. It works in firefox on my windows tablet however the native Sailfish OS browser on my phone gives ‘Sorry- Media Device API not supported
    1. I’m not familiar with the Sailfish OS browser but I’m guessing that it doesn’t support the standard web API for accessing the camera device from JavaScript. Great it works on Firefox/Windows though. BTW the Firefox ‘quirk’ - on my Android device anyhow - is that occasionally (unpredictably) the augmented data will appear rotated 180 degrees from where it should be. This is a known issue with AR.js as a whole.
      1. Thank you, I will investigate the browser further


Mapathon Keralam