Questions & Answers - OSM Routing Evaluation

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  • Ah, (my thought’s from Mustard’s introduction:) so by putting routing on, OSM has made a conscious decision to go beyond just being a data creator. (Good.).
    • Yantisa: Indeed, and I would love to see OSM communities use and develop routing (engine&data) that is best suited for their area.
  • Funny route choice: avoid all police stations.
    • Yantisa: yes, true that! It is possible to make a route that avoid all police stations, especially all police station already well mapped ;)
  • Are the pedestrian ways and sidewalks well mapped on the area you evaluated? It’s good to consider the connectivity of pedestrian ways to streets on this study.
    • Yantisa: It depends, in Jakarta metro areas, the pedestrian is currently being well developed and tactile paving is starting to get common. In terms of mapping, these sidewalks is far from complete. In my scenario 2 talk, some of the sidewalk have been mapped ( Unfortunately as you move outwards, pedestrian and sidewalks are not that well developed and not yet mapped.
  • How does OSRM prioritize in terms of road class? One wouldn’t want to find themselves in dust tracks because it is a shorter distance.
    • Yantisa: Just a disclaimer that I am not really familiar with OSRM, I do quite familiar with Graphhopper (GH). In GH, the higher a road classification it gets more priority. So motorway get the highest down to tracks as the lowest. More about road classification in OSM:
  • Are crime areas a concern?
    • Yantisa: As far as I know, in default, the routing engine did not put it into consideration. Yet, it is fully possible for routing engine to avoid certain areas in their routing calculations.
  • Any specific attributes that we need to put into, to improve route for all of three route provider?+2
    • Yantisa: Yes, road classification is the first one because it gives information to routing engine on which road to prioritize. Other tags will be quite useful, such as maxspeed, oneway or access restriction. Here is a good page that give more information:
  • Does Gojek (your company) use OSM for routing?+1
    • Yantisa: we are currently still evaluating to adopt OSM and several other data sources as well as routing engine, stay tuned for any updates ;)
  • How does OSRM collect route data? is it done in participatory?
    • Here are the tags that OSRM uses: -maning
    • Take note, `highway=track` is not used by OSRM. -maning
      • Yantisa: thanks a lot, Maning! Ah interesting, since Graphhopper is still using track in its routing calculations.
  • Any opinions on Valhalla?
    • Yantisa: Initially I want to include Valhalla in my comparison but because they did not have easily accessible web demo for routing thus I did not continue. Mapzen does have several interesting technology, Valhalla is one of them. Since Valhalla acquisition by Mapbox, I did not hear any more updates about it in OSM-talk or OSM forum.

Yantisa: Thanks everyone for your questions!