Questions & Answers - Meet an OpenStreetMapper

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  1. (For Ian and Hanna) Is there any question you wished I asked you? - Gregory
  2. For Hanna, what kind of things are done by the board of directors. In Ireland we have just formed a company and could would like to hear your breakdown between practical work and project planning.
    1. Thanks for the answer, is there working groups that take care of some of the practical tasks, or is it done by volunteers and not as defined.
  3. Koln map: well with so much on the map, I bet there are deletion wars? “Who took my trees off?” “I did. We don’t need such junk cluttering the map.”
  4. Koln map: So are all cell towers (secret in some countries) mapped yet?
    1. And are they disguised as trees etc?
  5. So the government might even use OSM as a cadastral map basis? Or I guess they still have their more precise maps.


  • Room wall echos. Volume levels sometimes dips.
    • Yes, sorry I had limited places that I could be undisturbed. I should have gone outside like Ilya. - Gregory.
    • (Use lapel neck mike too.)