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  1. You have sent postcards to mappers, but have you ever got one yourself? - Gregory
  2. Sending postcards too far can be costly, will there be a future feature to only get addresses in your country/region? - Gregory
    1. There could be postcard printing services distributed all over the world which will print on demand and from remote senders (for Swiss residents there’s e.g. PostCard Creator App)? – Stefan
  3. You talked about sending postcards because not everyone can afford to travel to SotM. Have you encouraged any of those people to apply for a SotM scholarship? - Gregory. (I will end my questions now, but thank you Ilya for your passion and the human connection shown in this).


  1. Note many rural people’s mailboxes, if any, are far from their houses, so any postcards will get 1. stolen, 2. soaked with rain, etc. before people might get them. That is (one reason) why many people are reluctant to give out their legal address. Furthermore, if a mail arrives, it will cause the whole village to make a big effort to finally get the mail to the person, causing big embarrassment. Also headaches for the postman who doesn’t know how to get the mail to the person. (And… postcards might spread virus?!)
  2. On changesets: It’s not easy to comment on changeset from people I know personal. How much harder is it to address new people… +1
  3. Yes, I’m constantly worried: I thought I mapped that already. Did someone delete it? (Yes there are tools to check.)
  4. For postcard to black_bike: Harald Schwarz, Germany, 40880 Ratingen, Weimarer Straße 1      :-)
  5. Just in registering progress at  !!! Done. Waiting for cards. And addresses.
  6. Privacy
    1. +1 one answering that already -Enock


  1. Lovely presentation -Enock +1
  2. Problem of  OSM: Our community lacks club culture of sports clubs or choirs that meet on a regular personal base to train and have fun each week together.
  3. And mother will see the postcard: Johnny: I told you not to play that “OSM video game” with your friends any more, and get back to your school books. Slap! (Privacy issue. She will open an envelope too.)
  4. Drinking beer together calms many angry conflicts, lets see if postcards work.
  5. Sorry but your postcards aren’t helping global warming.
    1. Warming hearts counts more than minimal climate effect of some postcards.
      1. If the sea rises, then there are less places on land that we have to map. :(
        1. Coast lines are comlex to handle, so even more global warming,—
      2. How about an old fasioned email instead. They can even print it out on a printer if they want.
    2. I think the key thing is that this is optional. If you want to minimise postcards being sent, then don’t sign up. - Gregory.
    3. Some people do not travel to SotM if it means they have to fly, this is a lower-impact way for them to still feel connected to the conference. Not everyone will get that feeling or care for postcards, but that’s okay.
  6. I think this actually could also involve OSM - when the design of the postcard is an OSM based map! So: Did you think about a postcard printing service at least to save it as PDF ( (Stefan Keller)
  7. Can you explain again on how to use this part of “Use this URL for sharing your profile”: ….
  8. Integrate this as predefined in the OSM Wiki, user name?
    1. I don’t know if Ilya knew how that would be used, you could link to it from your profile page or you could share it by private message if you want.
    2. See an example here: :) – Ilya