Questions & Answers - OSM Deep Facts in Developing Country: Indonesia case study

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,,Questions for OSM Deep Facts in Developing Country: Indonesia case study Dwi Fanny Wulandari


  1. [DONE] Have you analyze the gender of your survey respondents? Like how many female and male mapper that active in Indonesia?
    1. gender is not included in this study
    2. (Don’t forget transgender.)
    3. OSM users dont’ indicate gender in their profile signup
  2. [DONE] Do you have any information about what are the platform that they use for mapping? JOSM, ID, or Mobile that they use the most?
    1. she does not ask about the platform.
    2. she asked about motivation, mapping (sat, internet, software in areas, or internet access methods)
  3. [DONE] Do you have over time data analysis as well? For example, if someone started in OSM via Grab, HOT etc, do they stay contributing after they leave one of those projects? - heather +1
    1. this might be good data to get in the next stages
    2. It would be great for you to write up the methodology on how others might be able to analyze the community health and growth in their countries? maybe an OSM diary - heather
  4. [DONE] What do you think motivates people to continue as contributor in OSM? -heather
  5. [DONE] What do you think is the impact of the “one map policy” in the work of OSM in the Indonesia archipelago?
  6. [DONE] What is the next stage for the project?


  • really great to see a mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis using OSM tools and connecting communities  - heather
  • it would be nice to see all comunities doing this
  • This methodology is fantastic and can be built upon. Thanks to Pascal Neis for being an ally to help. the research also reminds me of Martin Dittus’ work on HOT community. We do need to work with the CHAOSS community as they have set up research on community engagement and how to show the health. - recommend that Dwi reach out to them  - heather