Building Stronger Communities Together - the Local Chapters & Community Working Group

Room: Track 1

Saturday, 21:30 UTC
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Maggie Cawley

Attend this talk to learn more about the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG). This talk will share our current initiatives as well as invite ideas from participants, and will precede the annual Local Chapters Congress, so hopefully we’ll see you at both!

Who are the Local Chapters & Communities Working Group? Reformed in November 2019, the LCCWG are a small group of OpenStreetMap enthusiasts and community leaders interested in finding and implementing ways for the Foundation to support the growth of local communities. The LCCWG hopes to facilitate a global exchange of ideas and support among local leaders, and work together to create strong local communities.

Right now we have 3 focus areas: building local community cohesion, sharing ideas and best practices globally. We hope to encourage established communities to further organise themselves and eventually formally affiliate with the Foundation as one of its Local Chapters. We will review the role of Local Chapters within the Foundation and the interactions between them. Based on our findings we will make recommendations to the Board as to how the affiliation scheme can be improved to provide a stronger case for local communities to eventually become Local Chapters, or possibly suggest creating new affiliation models such as less-formal user groups.

Interested in representing your community on the Working Group? Start by joining the conversation today! Find out more about the LCCWG on the Wiki