The use of OpenStreetMap within the Italian Alpine Club

Room: Track 1

Sunday, 13:00 UTC
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Luca Delucchi

The collaboration between the Italian Alpine Club (CAI) and OpenStreetMap (OSM) officially began with the signing of an agreement between CAI and Wikimedia Italia, the Italian chapter of the OSM Foundation, in 2016. The first activity was to define a standard to be used for CAI objects to be mapped using the wiki, and this started the mapping. Three years after that signature much has been done with a surge in the last year also thanks to the funding of CAI through the project "CONTRACT FOR THE DATA IMPLEMENTATION SERVICE IN THE INFOMONT SYSTEM". This financed one person to carry out different activities:

  • the data entry in OSM with the procedure used and the situation region by region
  • the development of software released under a FOSS license able to obtain CAI data from OSM and carry out some conversion and reporting operations
  • training activities in the different sections of the CAI During the presentation will be made a history of the activities of the CAI with OSM, the results obtained so far and the various features of the software developed.