Privacy Policy for Scholarship Applications


The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) organizes an annual, global, conference on matters relating to the OpenStreetMap project, under the name State of the Map. To increase diversity and support participation from communities around the world, the OSMF operates a scholarship programme in conjunction with the conference. This policy describes who has access to your application data and how long it is retained, and for what purposes it is processed. By submitting a scholarship application you agree to the processing of your data as laid out below. This policy is supplemental to the OSMFs general privacy policy that can be found at

Who is responsible, who has access to, and how is your data processed?

Formally the OSMF is the data controller for any data submitted to the scholarship committee and review team. The members of the team will have full access to any personal data contained in your application and will use it to judge the merits of it. Processing of the data is necessary in order to take steps at the request of the data subject (you) prior to entering into a contract; (see GDPR article 6.1b).

Where is the data stored and how long will it be retained?

Your data will be collected in Google Forms, and processed in Google Sheets.

Data from applicants will be retained till the completion of the conference and then removed.

Access by third parties

You should be aware that while personal information from your application will not be disclosed to third parties, if you are a successful applicant this will become public knowledge.


If you believe that information about you has been processed in violation of this privacy policy please email us at .