Questions & Answers - The State of OpenStreetMap in Africa

Disclaimer: This is an archived version of the once interactive session pad with content from conference attendees. Please note that some information was lost during the transformation (i.e. the edit history, user colours, the chat and some formatting).

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  1. Did the video start at the begining?
    1.  no, unfortunatelly due to technical issues, the first few minutes of the talk were not streamed. the speaker also does the presentation live, because for related technical reasons, the pre-recorded video could not be played back. sorry for the inconvenience - sotm team
    2. Hmm, have him upload a final version soon, perhaps.
  2. Is there an official OSM Morocco association?
    1. There is an official OSM Morocco association with a few contibutors but not a real community
  3. Has it gone off again?
    1. It stopped for me.
    2. +1
    3. +1
    4. +1 Enock
    5. Audio ‘s tab is working
  4. Is there a link to the video anywhere?  And the slides?
    1. … yes
    2. It will be very useful if the survey data or slides can be shared somewhere
  5. How many people were surveyed and how did you reach out to them? I may have missed this in the talk.
  6. Do you have any data on gender?
  7. And any data about what is being mapped?  Particularly urban vs rural?  % Mapping for particular purposes ie flood resilience, malaria etc
  8. How can the OSM better community support the community in Africa?
  9. Which governments have been particularly supportive of OSM?   and which particularly unsupportive (if you are able to say publicly?)
  10. This list of challenges is great.
  11. Whats the state/progress of having OSM Africa communities being official OSM chapters under the OSMF(we are at zero at the moment) What are the barriers? He just answered :)
  12. Interesting about who had/hadn’t applied for the Microgrants. Do you think Microgrants will be an important thing for the OSM Africa community in future?  Only if people are members of OSMF!
  13. // I think there is a misconception about Free and Open Source (quality of free not good? maybe?)
  14. Is it possible to have chapters not require a bank account. This is a primary hindrance to chapter formalization. It requires incorporation which can be onerous, and potentially undesireable.
    1. No - Enock - why? indiebio financial record ? How do they manage funds? - Enock
  15. What are you on the challenges facing to sustain volunteers?