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The purpose of the presentation is to provide interested parties with a basic explanation of what trademark law is and how the OSMF trademark policy works. (

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You can contact the OSMF Law/Licensing Working Group at to resolve trademark issues.

You can also find me on Twitter at @kathleenthelaw

Trademark and OSMF issues

  1. You mentioned the need for a license for “” - to give a well-known example, does this apply to OSMand, and if so, what is the current situation? - Richard F
    1. Thank you very much!
  2. What about visual markers (logos)?
  3. Do you mean derivatives or real logos?
    1. The real logo.
      1. In particular, don’t confuse visually appealing attributions.


  1. If you have one of these openstreetmap.something domain names and would like the OSMF to transfer it an pay for it, or the OSMF owns it and you’d like to do something with it, please email