Health Facilities Import

RMSI - India

Room: Track 2

Saturday, 11:30 UTC
Duration: 20 minutes (plus Q&A)

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  • Sowmya Nayani

We RMSI Team is performing the imports of Healthfacilities in India for OpenGovernmentData. We want to share the experience working on our successful imports from planning to importing the data. Also want to share the usage of Open Government Data and the other countries who are following the same.

In total we have 190k+ records in the datasets which have been provided by the government of India and among them 46k+ are already on OSM. he talk is to basically share the experience of working with Imports of Health Facilities in India (OpenGovernmentData).

The main purpose of the import is to provide accessible data of accurate health care information from the Open Government Data directories for Hospitals, Health facilities, Blood banks, Health Centers and Health Clinics information which can be useful for all the people and also the Humanitarian team in India.

The primary focus of the talk is the import process from data preparation to the execution which includesImports Guidelines , Data Cleanup, Data transformation, Data Execution. The talk shares the detailed stats of the - Indian Health facilities OSM map data coverage before & after Imports and our survey experience for collecting the health facilities records in our region - Telangana.

The talk is totally based on the knowledge sharing on Imports and how to improve the base map data in India.